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About Colour Coaching -

Have you ever wondered why certain companies use certain colours or why certain products are branded in a particular colour? The fact is that competition is all around us and success only comes to those who can stand out in the crowd and brand themselves in a clear, distinctive and attractive way. And the best way to brand who you are,and what you offer, is to use the right colours. You may or not know that colours have a very important symbolic, psychological and socio-cultural value, and using the right colours may determine whether you are going to be successful or not.

About Alex Tana

Alex Tana is an accomplished business and life coach, trainer, NLP practioner and motivational speaker. He has been in coaching for the last 16+ years and he is fully qualified and accredited in all that he does as well as being a member of four of the major coaching professional organizations. He is an expert in entrepreneurship and start up businesses, leadership, business development for small businesses, colour coaching (branding), goals setting and mind mapping. A very creative individual and a thought provoking professional his aim is to get the best for any client at a reasonable cost.

He has a background in creative work having worked for many years for two major museums as curator. As a graduate of Anthropology and Sociology he has always had a strong interest for people and their creativity, whether in a business or personal dimension. Having been a recruiter, an entrepreneur of at least three businesses and a manager his experience and knowledge of people and business is second to none. He is the author of a book (to be printed soon) and the author of many articles and editorials. He is a keen business networker and member of several network groups and director of two of them. He is also the director of a Law of Attraction group.

Outside work he is the international director of an international charity and the author of three related books. He is very interested in anything artistic and a keen collector of art deco figures.