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What colour is your world?

Over the centuries and in all civilizations colours, numbers and symbols have played a major role in helping people to identify and sort out the world around them. That is why, still now, in many societies colours, numbers and symbols still play an important role in every aspect of their daily life. Sadly in the west we have lost much of this knowledge and often use these dimensions with no reference what so ever to their deep metaphysical and philosophical meaning, nor their symbolic value and not even to their socio-cultural dimension. We associate colours to things without thinking of what that colour may actual mean and the message to viewers that it may convey! As a result we create incredible discrepancies between what we want to say or do and what we are actually showing! I believe that it's time to address this and that is why I have created a new branch to my business to support people and businesses paint their world with the right colour. And that is what colour coaching is all about!
So here is a starter for you. Ask yourself these questions: what colours do I like and why? What colours I don't like and why? What colours would attract customers/clients to my products/services and why? What colours would in my opinion put customers/clients off my product/services? Now, having that, and this is a tiny portion of my initial investigation, do you know what your choices really mean and what the implications are? To find out those answers.... you need to invest in my services. What I guarantee is that I will make your brand successful. If interested contact me.